Wednesday, 24 March 2010

new photos

I included the had and put bracelets and a ring on it so it looks more of a teenagers hand, and on the TV I put The Simpsons on, one thing I could have done was to show the DVD player, Wii, Skybox etc to anchor the image more with the text I would put with it

I like this one because I pointed the remote to the window to make it seem as if we control climate change, Homer and Lisa seem to notice this too.

One of the other photos, however Disney channel is aimed more at 11-14 year olds and i am targeting 15-19 year olds

A different angle, clearer, adownside to this one was that you cannot see much of the window, and this is my centre piece

I considered this one, however it was too blurry but it was a good angle.
A better angle, the window is not seen enough though.

New photos

Here I have put my final pieces, I didnt know what to change so i just left them, my 3rd piece will be completed soon,