Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My glogster on climate change

My ideas on climate change advertising..!

climate change

I decided on climate change because i think it is an issue that people need to look at and think about, also i decided on it because it has been cropping up alot recently. i have decided that my target audience would be teenagers because it is their future so its really us that need to be thinking about the furture for once! so here are my slogan will be:

"Just 'cos you ignore climate change, doesnt mean its not there."

i thought about having something like this:

because it would grab alot of attention..
Or, I have come up with an idea of putting a pair of hair straightners plugged into the earth alongside other things like ipods, phones and cars (using the eatrh as a fuel pump) so that the earth looks like its a big power socket and looks like its shrinking.

I may use this idea as the logo because I have come up with other ideas which are teenagers using things that contribute to clobal warming with things that contribute to climate change

idea 1) The teen's room..

this will be a shot of a teen in their bedroom using everyday objects such as hair driers, phones, hairspray, electricity. Then it will show a window that is showing us the consequences of this teens actions which will be the dried up earth.

idea 2) The teen's car..

This will show a teenager that has just passed their driving lessons and is throwing their Learner's sign out the window; outside the car window window will be

idea 3) The teen on holiday..

the teen will be sunbathing (and will be sunburnt!) on dry, cracked earth with the sun blazing and a plane in the air, the message this will convey is that normal life can't go on when climate change is around.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

analysis of NSPCC charity advert

bib- blue, suggests sadness, lonliness, sorrow.
dog-0ne ear up, maybe listening to violence or the only person the child can trust.
paper- wet from tears/ dribble from being out of control
bib is crumpled- neglect?
one side light, one side dark- abuse hidden from the rest of the world.
dogs eyes turned up- shocked?

"hug me" text- shows the baby needs help or comfort
bone- a sign of aid form the dog?

Friday, 9 October 2009

types of charity campaign

primary colours on toy-young baby?
fluff coming out of toys neck- furious? angry? signifies the adults temper towards child.
dark shadow cast on the toy- shows that the abuse is hidden
one ear up could show the toy is listening to the violence and could be the only witness
"real children can't be fixed" shows a childs imagination that everything an be fixed
jumpsuit- pyjamas?

BUBBL.US reasearch into different charities

Friday, 25 September 2009

Section B

your task is to create an advertising campaign to raise awarness of a charity of your choice the charity can deal with any issue and you must make a series of three posters with a coherent theme lining them